Everything from a single source

EuropTec wants solutions for and with our customers. We offer more than technical glass – our specific characteristics are speed, quality and innovation. 

  • Speed: EuropTec reacts faster than others, and gives special attention to our customers requirements
  • Quality: EuropTec offers high quality
  • Innovation: EuropTec is always informed about new technology developments according to materials, processing and applications so that the most economic version can be chosen

Your satisfaction is important to us

EuropTec enhances its customers' value-added chain through its range of individual services that are tailored to meet the customer's own individual requirements. In addition to manufacturing individual glass products, we offer planning, logistics and quality assurance services as well as the outsourcing of work steps, in order to optimise the interface between EuropTec and each individual customer.

Through close collaboration with other EuropTec and Glas Trösch locations, EuropTec offers the optimal solution for your needs. As a specialist processor of flat glass and a manufacturer of high-quality display products, EuropTec in Goslar focuses on designing and implementing customised solutions in close collaboration with its customers.

We offer the whole package

The core competence of EuropTec Display Glass Europe is the successful combination of the following strategically important properties:  

1. Mastering the special properties of glass
2. Suitable constructive design using glass
3. Manufacturing and logistics handling processes