Precision in form and design

We offer you a wide range of production steps for your individual product design.

Precise Cutting

Our high-performance CNC-machines can handle and cut glass up to 3.210 x 1.900 mm as requested in your individual order.

Curved glass

Glass is used for various applications: as a decorative element for furnitures and lightings or as a base of optical coatings with complex geometry and surfaces. For many different applications cylindrically or spherically bended glass is needed.

You can find our bended glass nearly everywhere - from components of precision scales up to concave mirrors or cover glasses.

When bending glass, specifications and tolerances have to be ensured. As a general rule bending tolerance should be about 0.5 x glass strength.

Edges, Holes and many more

EuropTec in Goslar are equipped with modern CNC-machines for technical glass processing like edge grinding.

Cutting of glass, waterjet cutting, drilling, bending, thermoforming or special edge processing: nearly every geometry, sliders, finger holes or edge shapes can be realized in a very precise, cost-effective and fast way. You can choose between 

  • cutting edge

  • cropped corners
  • seamed edges
  • polished edges


Individual Colouration

Not only modifications and mechanical processings but also colours are very important for glass applications. Printing techniques are one of EuropTec´s strengths. Our printed products are characterised by a great precision according to colour fidelity and tolerances of dimensions; for example with two-component paints, UV-hardening paints, ceramic paints or electrically conductive paints.

We emphazise performance characteristics as well as optical characteristics. Concerning to scratch resistance, chemical resistance, brilliant colours, light and heat resistance – we find the ideal solution for you!

You can find our glasses for example in high-quality TVs, displays, scanners, measurement technologies – wherever a high-precision print is needed. 

EuropTec in Goslar use two-component paints, ceramic paints with silk screening and tampon printing.


Two-Component Paints

Silk screening with two-component paints is very useful for indoor-applications. Not only translucent and metallic colours but also matt and shiny colours in all nuances can be printed.

Ceramic paints

Silk screening with ceramic paints is very useful for outdoor-applications. Due to strict rules according to environmental protection there are just limited colours available. Not only matt paints but also textured paints can be used for ceramic prints and firing-in.

Increasing of Strenght

For safety reasons or just because reducing the glass thickness may save energy (because of similar strength): there is an increasing need for tough glasses including protection against shocks and splinters.

If you need a safety glass (ESG) or laminated safety glass (VSG): we meet extreme requirements of our customers with chemical or thermal tempering or by laminating several glasses to laminated safety glass.

Chemical tempering (IOX)

Chemical tempering (Ion exchange, IOX) is especially used for thin glasses with unchanged optical properties. You can find them in optical components in measurement technologies, as well as in automotive technology and lighting industry. Due to chemical tempering there is a compressive stress on the glass that causes a bending strength which is several times higher than untreated float glass. Chemical tempered glass breaks into greater pieces.
Aluminum Silicate glasses (e.g. Xensation, Gorilla glass or Dragon Trail) can also be used if you need a glass with high bending strength. In addition Aluminum Silicate glasses are very scratch resistant because of its special compounds.

Data Sheet Chemical Tempering

Thermal tempering

To produce single-pane safety glass of 3 mm glass thickness we use thermal tempering according to DIN 12150-1. Bending strength increases significantly (like chemical tempering). If the glass breaks, there are just small crumbs due to an additional tension. Therefore danger of injury can be reduced by thermal tempering.

Semi-tempered glass aaccording to DIN 1863 also passes the whole production process like thermal tempered glass except for a slower cooling process. Semi-tempered glass is stronger than untreated glass. Semi-tempered glass does not break into small crumbs but into large cracks.

Datasheet Thermal Tempering

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass and glass combined with plastics is vandal proof and protects against splitters. Additional functional films can be applied for a modification of reflection, transmission and electrical conductivity.

Laminated glasses will be used e.g.

  • displayfilter with scratch resistance
  • environmentally stable front glass for display systems
  • general splitter protection
  • multifunctional and multilayered laminates


Film laminating

Optical characteristisc of glass and plastics can be influenced by using function films. The wafer thin function films will be applied in our modern cleanroom. Therefore we can meet highest requirements according to optical quality.

You can choose between

  • anti-reflex film
  • splinter-protection film
  • privacy film
  • IR-film
  • selective color-absorption

Datasheet Laminated Glass


We glue - whether glass should be combined with glass or with other materials like plastic or metal.

The design of gluing is very important to choose the right glue and to combine process parameters in a optimal way. Please include us in the beginning of your project.

Coatings on Glass

Cover glasses for displays or panels need to be more than just transparent. This also applies for optics in the visible spectrum or laser wavelength in the near infrared range.

We can combine glass or laminated glass with additional functionals by using sputtered coatings or films:

  • Anti-reflective coating

  • Antistatic coating

  • EMI shielding

  • Highly reflecting coatings

  • Hydrophobic coatings that are easy to clean

  • Semi-reflective coatings

  • Coatings that reduce transmission


Glass is a substrate material which is usable for varied coatings and layers. Thin layers are applied with high-vacuum coating or sputter plants. Coatings can also be applied with films. This allows any combination of coatings on glass, safety glass and laminated glass.

We assemble your components

In addition to glass processing the assembly of components is another capability of EuropTec in Goslar. On request, we assemble glass with provided compontens, like plastic components or frames.

Our services ranges from packaging up to delivery to your final customer.