Fast is not fast enough...

Our Promise

We deliver up to 20 glasses within one week!

Choose between the following options to create your individual product:

- float glass or white glass (low iron)
- cut and seamed or C-edge
- corners cropped or rounded
- thermally tempered or untempered
- printed with frame print in standard colour or unprinted

The minimum size is 450 x 450 mm. The maximum size for thermally tempered glasses is 1,800 x 1,200 mm or 2,100 x 1,200 mm for an untempered glass.

The Process

1. Fill in the order form
2. Send the form to EuropTec
3. EuropTec will quote you a price
4. You confirm the price
5. EuropTec will send you the order confirmation
6. The glasses will be shipped after one week