Highest Reflection

Surface mirror

Highly-reflective surface mirrors from EuropTec offer maximum light reflection with ultimate imaging quality without creating a double image. This kind of surface mirror is optimised for optical applications and guarantees excellent image quality in digital rear projection systems and in all applications with the highest requirements for reflected light.

One-way mirror

One-way mirrors consist of mirrored glass on one side and a transparent rear side, and are ideal for applications such as where surveillance takes place and the person carrying out the surveillance is not visible. One-way mirrors reflect neutral colours and also offer authentic transmission colour. They can be further processed to produce single-panel safety glass or multilayer safety glass. The one-way mirrors from EuropTec offer you 1%, 12% or 20% light transmission. The higher the level of required light transmission, the lower the reflection of a one-way mirror.

Split mirrors

Split mirrors are semi-reflecting mirrors that reflect and transmit light. An optical-interference coating guarantees high abrasion resistance alongside the neutral-coloured reflection and transmission. Split mirrors can be designed with single-panel safety glass or multilayer safety glass. They are widely used in teleprompters.

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