Display Glasses for many Applications

EuropTec produces high-quality display glasses for a wide range of applications - Information displays in public areas as well as automotive displays. Depending on the requirements the glass has to be resistant against environmental influences combined with an excellent readability.

You can find our products in many applications, e.g.:

  • Exhibitions 
  • Convention centres 
  • TV studios
  • Train stations/airports 
  • Consumer (home cinema)  

Avionics and Marine

Electronic devices have to withstand very high loads, like heat, vibrations and electromagentic impulses in a small area. This is daily life for instruments in avionics, marine and automotive.
Our products can be very varied with a range from simple anti-reflective-filters up to complex filters with a heating, EMI-shielding and, if necessary, an integrated touch function.
EuropTec Display Glass offer shockresistant filters that combine electromagnetic shielding, selective absorption, and in case of need additional characteristics according to transmission and reflection.



EuropTec Display Glass Europe manufacture display glasses of highest quality like anti-reflective laminates of thin glass for automotive applications. Our display glasses for navigation systems or consumer electronics in motor vehicles have an excellent performance in challenging tests, like head impact test.



We offer you a suitable display glass for your individual demands. Whether you need protective glasses for an indoor or outdoor application, we combine it with a variety of technical characteristics according to your requirements

  • sun readability
  • scratch resistance
  • breaking strength

if necessary, this can be combined with

  • minimal reflection values
  • light control / privacy control
  • EMI shielding
  • protective glass
  • vandal proof
  • heating filter
  • easy-to-clean

Glass Design

Elevators are next to the facade and the entrance hall the most important business card of a building. First waiting outside the elevator until you get in the elevator and reach the right floor. This Situation can be used as an appropriate manner and with the right design as mood makers, influencers and representation element of the building.
Modern, global elevator companies recognized this effect and work together with EuropTec in the ongoing development of the latest design-oriented elevator generations. This includes glass processing, multi-layered and multifunctional prints, integration and assembly of touch elements, lighting and backlighting etc. On request, we coat the glass with a hydrophobic layer beading of liquid produced and thus easier to clean.

Control Systems

As a central interface, control elements in the mechanical engineering are often individually designed as a Business Card . We manufacture glasses with variations in surface design like slider or holes according to your requirements.

High-precision products

Glasses produced by EuropTec Display Glass can also be found in measuring instruments in the industrial and medical sector and in labatory and industrial balances. Our customers benefit from our know-how in glass processing of complex products as a single source.

Meet highest demands

In medical technology there are highest requirements for display glasses or mirrors in operating rooms. Our raw materials do have perfect characteristics regarding cleaning and disinfection resistance. 

High-quality Coverglass

Touch applications need cover glasses with high resistance surfaces that are easy to use and easy to clean. We produce suitable glass for your touch application – whether it should be for indoor or outdoor usage, vandal proof or easy-to-clean.

Elegant Entertainment

The application of EuropTec glass in consumer electronics varies from hightransparent anti-reflective display covers up to glass elements for HiFi-furnitures.

Standard glasses, thermical tempered glasses and laminated safety glasses are part of our product portfolio. These glasses have optical functions like increase of contrast and reduction of reflection by using of coatings, etching or functional films or are combinations. All these versions can be printed according to your ideas.
In addition, this glass provides optical functions such as contrast enhancement and reflection reduction. These properties can be achieved by coatings, etching or with a functional foil or a combination thereof.
Of course assembling and packaging of your specific products are part of our product range.