About us

EuropTec USA is a manufacturer of acid etched anti-glare glass, EagleEtch®, and a specialist in glass processing and fabrication for the display industry.   Our products include EagleEtch®, EagleEtch® XS, EagleEtch® Tough and EagleEtch Plus™ the display industry’s best performing anti-glare glass.  Additional capabilities include: silk screening, chemical strengthening, heat tempering, cutting, and CNC processing.

EuropTec, known as the “Architects of World Class Display Enhancements,” designs and develops a wide range of cover glass for display applications. Our products are used in displays for touch panels, ATMs, kiosks, military, avionic, automobile, computer, telecommunication, machine, equipment and appliance Displays.

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Etchead Glass

Top performing anti-glare glass that is unsurpassed for tight gloss control, ultra-high resolution, etched surface consistency, and sparkle control.

Specialty Glass Products

Anti-reflective (AR) and conductive coatings and mesh film.

Display Filters

Numerous custom display filters, coatings and films which can be combined with glass or in glass laminates.


CNC Processing

Modern CNC machining specialized for glass processing and customized to almost any shape and thickness.

Silk Screening

Our expertise and clean room allow for superior quality custom printing with high precision and accuracy.

Chemical Strengthening

High-tech process increases scratch and impact resistance and heightens the bending strength of glass.