EuropTec USA

Europtec USA is located in Clarksburg, West Virginia and proud to be a complete “made in the USA” manufacturer of specialty glass and glass display filters. EuropTec USA is the newest division of the EuropTec Group, and works closely with other divisions to provide a full-service global solution to its clients. As an expert in glass processing and fabrication for the display industry, EuropTec USA focuses on the core markets of high-value display filters and specialized glass technology. Our products include EagleEtch®, EagleEtch® XS, EagleEtch® Tough and EagleEtch Plus,™ the display industry’s best performing anti-glare glass. Additional capabilities include: silk screening, chemical strengthening, heat tempering, cutting, and CNC processing.

With our expertise in finishing and processing technologies, we design and manufacture products for a wide range of display applications. Our products are used in displays for touch panels, ATMs, kiosks, military, avionic, automobile, computer, telecommunication, machine, equipment and appliance displays.

The EuropTec difference

EuropTec offers its customers more than high-quality glass. It is regarded as a “multiple value-added” supplier, differentiating itself from the competition through speed, quality and innovation.

  • Speed: EuropTec responds rapidly and pays careful attention to its customers’ needs.
  • Quality: EuropTec guarantees its customers superior quality and never lowers its quality standards.
  • Innovation: EuropTec is at the forefront of current market trends and developments and is well versed in the latest technologies. We advise our customers by drawing from the latest knowledge in design, design engineering, raw materials and processing.

One-stop shop

EuropTec enhances its customers’ value chain by offering service packages instead of simply individual products, providing a capable and convenient one-stop shop. We provide services in production, processing, coating/etching, printing, tempering, and assembling, while working closely with our clients to ensure each phase exceeds even the highest expectations.

Center of expertise

Active co-engineering from the design phase through mass production optimizes our customers’ “Function – Design – Costs” triangle. EuropTec’s knowledge and expertise are state-of-the-art and our project managers are the best in the industry. EuropTec employees are considered first-rate specialists in applied finishing and processing technologies. They excel in project management and possess a particularly high level of expertise in the fields of raw materials, design and engineering. They are committed to being responsive, committed, diligent, innovative, trustworthy and reliable.

Our Strategic Success Positions

The core competency of EuropTec lies in the combination of the following Strategic Success Positions:

  1. Mastery of glass raw materials
  2. Flawless design and design engineering
  3. Applied finishing and processing expertise