EuropTec products offer an ideal solution to even the most demanding display needs. The wide range of applications we serve are a result of our depth of capabilities and expertise. EuropTec provides superior display solutions for:

• Touch Panels• Point-of-Purchase Kiosks• Medical Technology
• Hand-held Devices• Vehicle Displays• Outdoor Applications
• Military & Avionics• Information Displays• Computer Displays
• ATM’s• Equipment Displays
• Ruggedized Displays• Gaming Displays

Touch Panels

The main market served by Europtec USA with our highest performing EagleEtch® glass which offers great reflection diffusion and high resolution for better readability as well as a slightly textured surface allowing for a comfortable touch experience for users without the “stickiness” sometimes experienced when using only standard clear float glass in a touch panel.

Our EagleEtch® glass is perfect for both small and large screen touch panels.

Sun-readable displays

Glare causes a visual washout of display images and can lead to undue eyestrain and fatigue. EuropTec provides top performing anti-glare panels that are unmatched for tight gloss control, ultra-high resolution, surface consistency and sparkle control. For military, avionics, vehicle applications, or any other sun-readable display, EagleEtch Plus™ provides the best possible display glass product.

Sun-readable displays are perfect for: military, avionics, vehicles, ATMs, kiosks, computer displays, hand-held devices, outdoor applications

Ruggedized displays

In both avionics and in defense technology, electrical equipment is usually subjected to less-than-ideal conditions. Equipment frequently has to be fitted into tight spaces, and high heat, vibration and electromagnetic pulses impose high levels of additional stress. These conditions necessitate not only high-quality and reliable equipment housings, but also superior transparent filters. Our EagleEtch products were developed with these conditions in mind and offer a perfect solution for ruggedized displays. Ruggedized displays are perfect for: military, avionics, touch panels, and hand-held devices

Vandal-proof displays

EuropTec’s vandal-proof glass provides a perfect solution for any public display need.Our technology includes tempered and chemically strengthened filters which prevent damage to your equipment.

Vandal-proof displays are perfect for: ATMs, public terminals, information panels, point-of-purchase kiosks

Precision instruments

When precision counts, EuropTec’s processing and fabrication capabilities are able to meet even the most demanding applications. Our glass is used in industrial and medical measurement equipment. In these demanding products, EuropTec’s extensive experience in the use of various types of machining methods offers our customers a decisive advantage.