HY-TECH-GLASS - The Pro in anti-refelctive and mirrored glass

As a fully owned subsidiary of the renowned company Glas Trösch AG, we dispose of an international network that allows us to meet your needs with a range of anti-reflective glass and mirrored glass sheets. Thanks to the excellent resources of the Glas Trösch Group at our disposal,  we are up to the greatest challenges. After having gone through every detail of your requirements with you in a feasibility study, we will supply you within the shortest of timescales with all the products you need from our range of anti-reflective glass and mirrored glass – giving you the opportunity to realize your ideas quickly and professionally.   


1997 : Foundation of HY-TECH-GLASS BĂĽtzberg, Installation of vertical Leybold-Magnetron-Coatingsystem Nr. 4 with cleanroom for mit Reinraum for production of anti-reflective glass „LUXAR“. Modification and renovation of the Malawer halls 1997-1998. Start production on the new HY-TECH-System in February 1998: HY-TECH-Glass is the worlds first Company producing larce-scale anti-reflective glass in a vertical Magnetron Coating plant.

1998: Introduction of thermical strenghtened coatings.

2001: Introduction of Spy Mirror.

2004: Realisation of VIP-Lounge â€žSoldier Field Chicago Stadion“ with LUXAR glass.

2006: Construction of the new storehouse in BĂĽtzberg

2009: Introduction of dielectrical Beamsplitter glass. Realisation of Tropenhaus in Berlin with LUXAR glass

2011: Realisation „Abu Dabi Financial Center“ Atrium with LUXAR glass.

2012: Automating of the plant. Introduction of LUXAR coating on technical flat glass in thinknesses beginning from  0.5 mm and dimensions of 812,8 x 1270 mm. Introduction of one sided LUXAR on Jumbo sizes 6000 x 3210 mm.