Welcome to EuropTec Precision Glass

EuropTec Precision Glass is a member of the Glas Trösch Group and is an innovative development partner and producer of technical glass. We are continually committed to ultimate precision and quality for processing and printing on glass. Through our technical know-how and long-standing experience as well as wide production widths, we offer quick, flexible and customer-focused solutions. As an international company we rely on the latest technologies. We produce technical, industrial and design-focused glass applications from small unit numbers and dimensions through to series production. With an extraordinary range of processing options, we implement the ideas of our customers around the world and deliver high-quality and customer-focused results.


By editing versatility and our long-standing know-how, we manufacture for various applications, markets and customers technical glass, special glass and design elements as well as assemblies.


Whether cutting, grinding, drilling, gluing, polishing, and other processing technologies - our diverse capabilities make us the ideal partner for your Needs.