Highest precision and quality in the processing and printing of glass.

By editing versatility and our long-standing know-how, we manufacture for various applications, markets and customers technical glass, special glass and design elements as well as assemblies.


In the bathroom and sanitary area glass offers numerous design possibilities and advantages. The demand for high-quality glass is large - from simple glass shelves to modern and design oriented fixtures, vanity tops and  toilet flush plates.

EuropTec Precision Glass implements your ideas too - let's talk about your Imagination

Building technology

Building technology is an old phenomenon, already in earliest beginnings first steps of technical Equipment were found in buildings.

Building automation systems are innovative solutions of monitoring, control and regulation technology. With the trend towards the appreciation of real estate in terms of more comfort, safety and Efficiency, they are an important component in building design.

The innovative building technology is not only more intelligent than ever before, it is now also more design-oriented than ever before - one of the reasons, glass become indispensable.

Whether socket, switch frames, key switch, control panel, room temperature control, door entry system or smoke detector - with our modern processing possibilities we can implement almost all shapes, colors and designs.

EuropTec is your partner for design-oriented applications in the field of building tchnology.

Home appliance industry

Nowadays glass is an indispensable part of the cooking and living area. It offers numerous advantages over other materials and acts always high and noble. EuropTec offers a wide variety of different glasses in almost all designs for the home appliance industry - reducing light reflection, optimization of light transmission as well as the feel of the display and touch area.

In addition, our glasses are characterized by high durability and stability and are scratch resistant, shatter-proof and easy to clean.

Machinery and plant construction

The plant and machine construction area brings the latest technologies and innovative products for use. EuropTec Precision Glass manufactures different glass for all areas in plant construction and engineering.

Controls and Display Screens of mechanical or optical interference anti-reflective glass - thermally or chemically strengthened - for indoor and outdoor applications.

Simple visual protection security glass (tempered) or laminated safety glass gives you protection against dirt, dust, water or steam.

Safety glass as a sight glass with aggressive acids or bases as well as for use in hazardous areas (explosion-proof area). Heat-resistant glass up to 1,300 ° C for extreme thermal stress.

Medical technology

The medical field is a classic area of application for glass.

The advantages of a hygienic surface and a chemical resistance are combined in easy-to-clean glass.

In control elements for laboratory and medical equipment exact precision, enormous quality standards and maximum hygiene has to be reconciled with the material glass.


Glass from EuropTec Precision Glass can be found again in numerous industrial applications.

From design glass for the watch industry over flow indicator in the control technology to various controls and cover glass - EuropTec Precision Glass is your innovation partner in all industries

Measurement and control

You'll find glass from EuropTec Precision Glass in industrial and medial instruments as well as in many applications of control technology.

• bathroom and kitchen scales
• laboratory balances
• water and gas meters
• flow indicator
• controls and cover plates