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We bevel specially coated anti-reflection glass for mounting behind the steering wheel.


Central Information Displays:

Specially coated, pre-printed security glass is cutted by using our water jet cutter.Central



Glass covers with a clear window for various FTF displays is bent, printed and bevelled.


Rear Seat Entertainment:

Tough, easy-to-clean, optical attractive glass upgrades every rear seat entertainment system.



Control units, covers or anything you want to make out of glass is manufactured with our utmost eye for detail.

Touch Displays: Our excellent anti-fingerprint coating with hydro- und oleophobe properties allows smooth gliding over the glass surface of touch displays, inhibits smearing and is easy to clean. 


Head Impact Area: Our thin glass laminates fulfill the increased security requirements which apply to Central Information Displays.


Good Legibility: Our displays are perfectly legible thanks to the combination of surface etching and optical-interference anti-reflection coaty. 


Quick Assembly: Our glass is manufactured so that you require no further intermediate steps before mounting in the designated fixture.


Sturdiness: The use of special glass – such as silicate – as well as chemical strengthening or thermal tempering guarantee a high breaking resistance.