With our laser technologies we are able to cut high-precision edges.

Moreover there is almost no limit for forms. Inner radii, drills and blind holes can be lasered according to our customer requirements.The cutted edge is 90° with a low roughness.

Chemical strengthened  as well as coated glasses can be manufactured without any problems.


Contact us and allow yourself to be convinced by our ability.

WaterJet Cutting

EuropTec Vehicle Display Glass operates with modern waterjet cutters. From single-piece to large-scale production cutting, our highest precision, gentle handling and scrupulously cut edges set us apart from the rest.



With our innovative technology we can cut any type of glass – particularly thin glass – precisely and to any required shape.



From the most modern CNC machines to the customer-specific polishing machine, we can burnish and polish any edge, whether rounded or straight, with the highest precision.



Our diverse technologies let us fulfill your individual project requirements in through boring or blind tapped holes in every variation imaginable. Challenge us with your special construction.

Assembly Groups

Our diverse technologies let us fulfill your individual project requirements in through boring or blind tapped holes in every variation imaginable. Challenge us with your special construction.


The mathematical formula when bonding glass states that the resulting product is greater than the sum of the component parts.


Whether glass is bonded to glass, plastic, metal, or to anything else is secondary, it is the choice of adhesive combined with the otpimal process parameters which is key.


Ask us early on in your project for possible solutions and save overall development time!


PretensioningEuropTec Vehicle Display Glass can pretense glass of various makes either chemically or thermically without loss to any of the original glass characteristics. By pretensioning we improve the product’s temperature resistance and raise its resilience to bending.


Chemical Pretensioning is used especially on thin glass when the product’s specifications allow no change to the given optical characteristics. Displays are a good example, especially those implemented in the Vehicle Technology branch. In addition, the bending resilience of chemically pretensioned glass can be raised to be a multiple of that which floatglass offers.

Thermal Pretensioning is used predominantly on glass which is thicker than 3mm and raises the bending resiliance of treated products significantly. As opposed to chemical pretensioning, a thermal pretensioning is executed in a pressurized environment which causes – should the glass get broken – pebble-like glass shards, virtually eliminating the possibility of injury whereas Chemically Pretensioned glass breaks into larger shards.


A further value enhancement to our glass assortment are the various coatings we offer.


Thanks to our proximity to Glas Troesch we have access to a magnitude of various coatings such as our highly effective anti-reflection coating. This anti-reflex coating is applied to etched glass which has been optimized for use in a display. Applied in our automatic coating machine, the hydrophone and oleophobe finish protects the glass, allowing it to be easily cleaned and be virtually immune to annoying fingerprints. Other coatings such as an anti-fog finish give your products a refined touch.


Ingenious etching of the glass surface helps improve visibility of the display markedly. With etching specifically chosen for the required display resolution, we can guarantee you the best depth of sharpness and the lowest sparkle

In the design phase of your project, we can help you to achieve your ideal display solution.

Besides their forming and mechanical processing, sophisticated glass products are often hallmarked by the print they bear.

EuropTec Vehicle Display Glass masters the fine art of high-definition printing, be it silkscreening, laser printing or pad printing.

Our strength lies in the precision of color fidelity and dimension tolerance especially in the application of two-component, UV-hardened, enamel and electrical conductive inks.

We also recommend our highly-developed foil and glaze print for your display printing needs.

The consumer features are just as important as appearance: scratch and chemical resistance, brilliant coloring as well as light and temperature resistance, we have the solution for your requirements.

From a simple plate glass combined with a etched surface, an anti-reflection coat or even a combination – topped with a chemical strengthening – all the way to a special unbreakable aluminum silicate glass or thinnest glass laminates, we can offer you every possibility of finish to suit your project and product requirements.

Our raw glass is from Glas Trösch – our mother house – as well as from almost every well-known thin and special glass producer.For our finishing process we depend upon our EuropTec group partners: EuropTec USA in Clarksburg/West Virginia USA is specialized in etching, Hy-Tech Glas in Bützberg CH is dedicated to anti-reflect coatings and EuropTec in Goslar DE is devoted to our glass laminates.